Saturday, October 25, 2008

LAURA MERCIER: Four Steps to a Flawless Face.

Makeup is a part of my everyday routine, I can't go to work without putting my makeup on. Knowing how harsh this could be to my skin, I opted to use tinted moisturizer than the ordinary foundation. I just wanted my face to look fresh , with a natural glow.

I've done some research through the internet and it seemed like everyone is raving about Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. ..when Sephora chose this as this year's best tinted moisturizer, I knew I just have to get one.

Though it was pretty painful to my pocket, I got the big tube at around HKD400 at Faces, HK. I got the oil free (yes they have oil free ver!) in Sand shade...and the rest my dear is history... I just couldn't stop bragging about this product.

First, my then oily face is now less oily..(it still does become oily at the end of the day...nothing that a blotting film couldn't handle.) ...BUT the good part is--it does give my face a healthy glow. I swear!! my friends actually started noticing that my face has a natural sun kissed glow! I know some people wouldn't prefer using tinted moisturizers alone since its too sheer..but Laura Mercier is sheer- buildable coverage, you just have to apply more if you opt for more coverage. Set it with your favorite loose powder and you will see what you are looking for.

I may sound so biased since I'm a Laura fan (besides Bobbi Brown..) and yes I even have her book - The Ultimate Guide to A flawless face and I've been incorporating her makeup styles and tips to my own and all of them worked for my clients. Other than that, Ms. Mercier herself is such a down to earth person..I just love everything about her - her perfectly combined skills and personality has been my inspiration.

Ok will stop blabbing now and will prove it to you instead.
Few days ago, I got this package from a friend that actually made my day!!!!!! Tedennnnnn!!

A LAURA MERCIER's FLAWLESS FACE KIT. Simple Techniques.Flawless Results.

Now did I finally got your attention or what?

The Kit contains the ff:

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: A lightweight, oil-free, creamy gel for use under foundation. Creates a smooth invisible layer that acts as a buffer to outside elements and holds foundation and other makeup in place for hours and hours.

2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: Sheer, buildable coverage that hydrates the skin, softening and easing fine dry lines. Color stays true and wears evenly leaving a natural dewy finish.

3. Laura Mercier Undercover POt : A combination of 3 of their best-selling products to make concealing quick and easy. Secret Camouflage (left pan) allows you to use very little product to conceal so the skin looks natural, not heavily made up. Secret Concealer's (right pan) soft focus effect smoothes and perfects the area around the eyes. Translucent Loose Setting Powder is a light fine-milled french talc for setting makeup.
4. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush: POinted tip allows for precise placement of the Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer in the tiniest areas --shadows, corners of the eyes, tiny scars or blemishes, and other imperfections. Flatter, wider surface at the base is ideal for larger areas--ruddy cheeks, broken capillaries, sin spots and other areas of discoloration.
5. LAura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush: Perfect size and shape to set Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer with Loose Setting Powder because it allows you to work in smaller areas. Unique synthetic hairs are designed to pickup and distribute powder precisely and evenly.

6. Laura Mercier Velour Puff:Specially designed texture, molds and conforms as needed to apply powder to all areas of the face.
7. Laura Mercier Sponge - Should be used with all laura Mercier foundations. including the tinted moisturizer. Holds product impeccably. Applies product smoothly and evenly.

8. Step by Step Guide card to flawless face.

Now let me share with you how these babies work:

OK, I seldom do this but for the sake of Laura Mercier I will use my own face for a before and after demo :)
Of course I had to start with spritzing my face with my favorite Shu Deep Sea Water just to make my skin supple. Then on to the 4 steps!

That's me going bare in public for the first time, as you can see, uneven skin tone,dark under eye, breakouts, blackheads all rolled into one :))

STEP 1: Place a pea-size amount of Foundation Primer into your hand and stimulate the skin by lightly massaging in an outward and downward motion onto the face with fingertips.

STEP2: Place a dime-size amount of Tinted Moisturizer into hand and pickup with sponge then apply from the outward portion of the face inwards towards the nose.

STEP3: Apply the Secret Camouflage with the Secret Camouflage brush using feather-like strokes to the darkened areas of the face- blemishes, shadows, scars, the area around the nose, and any other imperfections. APply the Secret Concealer with brush or fingertips to brighten and
minimize darkness or shadows under the eye area.

STEP4: Pick up the Loose Setting Powder with the Camouflage powder brush and apply to the areas just concealed with Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer to set. To finish your Flawless face, saturate the velour puff with the lose powder and gently press the puff in a rolling motion onto the face to work the powder into the skin to set your makeup for all day wear.

And here's the result, a flawless face without a touch of any other makeup just the ones in the kit. Although I had to put some eyebrows and lip balm :)

Guys, let me know what you think!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ANNEVIDA BRIDES: Ms. Mari Mecado - Juanengo

Meet the coolest bride ever!(yes some of them still exist hahahah)

Let me tell you one thing…if you happen to work with brides like moi…last thing that you want to encounter is a certified bridezilla..she won't only test your patience , she can also turn you into a nervous wreck in no time!

That's why I can't help but share with you this wonderful bride of mine - Ms. Marie.

Around 9:00am (ON HER WEDDING DAY ..that is!) , while lounging around Century Park's lobby..I saw this girl walking alongside the hotel's facade….looks like Ms. Marie..but what on earth is she doing outside looking like its just another ordinary day for her :)) She should be calling me at that very minute - telling me how oily her skin can get and that it should last until the event ends..and that she thinks pink eyeshadow should be better to match her pink bouquet blah blah blah--that sort of stuffs.

But no, there she goes with a cup of coffee( I think ? ) in her hand sipping like she has all the time in the world to stop and smell the roses :))

When she saw me waiting for her..she was quite surprised I was early, we went up to her room and even asked me if she could have her first smoke before we begin :)) and of course I said ok..and when I entered her room ..there was no one there but her wedding paraphernalias…and of course a body form with her fab wedding gown on...
I asked her..where are the others? "Oh its just me they'll arrive later when I'm done with the preparation" ..she said.

What? That is indeed sooo new to me :)) I always work with brides ..along with the whole entourage (as in FULL entourage) looking like there's a feast in the room or some sort of a family reunion, and before the bride could even leave for church she is already stressed out.

Now, what happens when you have a very cool bride to work with? Someone who entrust you with the whole beautification process..someone who doesn't have to harass you and teach you how to do things their way? …the result is---

a beautiful , stress-free looking bride all ready to do the most romantic walk of her life .

there she goes...with her pretty bouquet of orange tulips

Ms. Mari along with my makeups ! nice shot ei?

How about you? Are you a "bridezilla" in the making?
Have a stress-free Tuesday everyone!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

FLATTERSHADES Must Try#7: Benefit's Big Beautiful Eyes Kit

Just another Sunday, we're on our way to my parent's house - the usual granma and granpa day for Cait...for today, I decided to use my Benefit eye kit..haven't been using this for quite some time :) If there's one thing that every kikay should have in their kit..this is the one!

I've been a Benefit fan eversince I came across Benefit's benetint. I must admit, this is one of my guilty pleasures...whenever a friend of mine travels to HK I can't help but send him my wish list of Benefit products I just can't have enough of theseeee ...its quite pricey though..some are even more expensive than MAC!! I even keep Benefit's yearly catalog ... so sad that I can't have everything in it ...just stare at them and drool LOL! :))

Ok, back to BBE (Big Beautiful Eyes kit) Let me tell you why you should grab one:

This kit is all you need to define, contour & enhance your eyes to make them BIG & BEAUTIFUL.

An illustrated step-by-step makeup lesson gives even amateurs the chance to "go pro" with the perfect shades & tools. KIT INCLUDES:
-boi-ing our favorite under eye concealer
- alabaster pink base shadow
- cocoa shimmer contour shadow
- rich chocolate eye shadow
- brushes for easy application
-illustrated step by step professional makeup lesson

PLUS the packaging looks know how benefit is when it comes to their packaging. It's very convenient because you got everything in just one kit! perfect for girls on the go. You can go from natural to brown smokey eyes with this palette!

Here are some pics that I took this morning using BBE kit, this is basically my everyday look.


MAC Charcoal Brown (for the eyebrows)

Benefit BBE Kit

B&C Liquid Liner

Shu Uemura Deep Sea mist
Laura Mercier Oil Free tinted moisturizer in Sand
NARS Laguna for the cheeks

Perfumeria Gal, Vaselina Fragranced Balm
NARS Senorita


Saturday, October 18, 2008

MAKEUP SCHOOL...again. I'm not tired of this and I never will..Its just that sometimes I feel like I'm running out of time..that I have so many things in mind and theres too little time left for me..

If only I started doing this from the day I stepped out of high school hahahha..I wanted to go to different places and learn more about this art..gain more experience..if only I have all the time in the world..Why didn't I came across MAC ___yrs ago? hahaha Why do I have to be a Comm Arts grad when all I want to do is paint?

Anyway, I was preparing myself to take up airbrush lessons in Singapore(my current frustration...since its the in thing especially for bridal makeup, and you could just imagine how frustrated I am since Im considered as a bridal makeup artist!!!) , but since I'm still waiting for the school's advise for a full-time schedule,I can't go for it this year, they already had a full time sched recently, and the next would depend on the number of students, and most probably that would be early next year, im crossing my fingers...(you see, I'm still in the corporate jungle...I can't just file a leave for a whole month!!) and I still depend on my salary to sustain my makeup addiction hahahahha..but of course I have a goal..I'm giving myself another year...just one more year..I can do this the saying goes, Its never too late for anything. Every moment in your life will arrive just in time :)

Since I still don't have an idea as to when I can start my schooling in Sgpr, I thought of taking another course here in Manila ---one last, I promise hahahha..Its just that I always feel that there's so much learning to do, so many room for improvements, I want to give it my best this time...and I'm so eager to share this skills with other people soon...and when the time comes that I'll have the chance to do just that, I want them to have the best. I never had the chance to be one. NOW is the time.

I'm taking up Facial beauty & Fashion Makeup for Professional Artist at Maquillage Professionel. The school is affiliated with Makeup Forever Academy :) ...students automatically gets a MUF Backstage pass lifetime membership...this means 15% off on all Makeup Forever products ...for life :) plus, those interested can get a chance for an internship...Sweet !

Now, back to being a wonder woman...I have an 8 hr job that would be from makeup class starts at 6pm..I'll be coming from Makati Ave goint to BHS...hayyy kaya yan :( class will end at 10pm, then i go home(GUESS WHERE?) in Vista Verde---CAINTA!...and that would be from Mon-Fri.. Now that’s what you call full time schedule! I should be excited by now, my class starts on Monday..I'm just worried of my energy level hahahah!

Can I do this?..Oh well I've done this before when I took up my lessons from CAS and from LCS....for the love of makeup... hell yeah!


FLATTERSHADES Must Try#6: MAC Sushi Flower

Last week I went shopping for my daughter's costume for her school's Halloween party....few weeks ago she wanted to be princess Aurora ("aka" sleeping beauty) few days after she changed her mind and decided to go for Tinkerbelle instead (fyi..Cait’s school won’t allow the kids to wear scary costumes..tsk! tsk! Bummer..heheh)

I know a lot of the girls will be running around with their wands and wings this year.. I wanted something more unique, should still be a fairy costume since that’s what my baby wants..but with a little twist maybe…
And then I found this super cute number: bright pink petals for head dress, baby pink and bright green for the dress, hot pink wig!! Pink wings with fur!! ….Caitee is set to be the FLOWER FAIRY!!

When I woke up the next day, I still had the flower fairy hangover.:)) I was fixing my makeup stacks that morning to make room for my other stash, when I saw my MAC Sushi Flower, which instantly reminded me of Cait’s head dress :) and this my friends is my version of the flower fairy...I had fun :) you just have to try it! Cait has this book of fairies and each fairy has a color motif, the book instantly inspired me to play with my palette :)

MAC Sushi Flower
MAC Surreal
MAC Frost
B&C liquid liner in deep black


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Frustrated model with the Frustrated Photog.

I already featured this shade few days ago...just wanted to share with you guys the picture that my husband took while I was doing my EOTD then, look what I came up with--a frustrated model and a frustrated photographer :))

How about you, have you tried convincing your hubbies/bfs
to play along with your "kakikayan"? :))

hmmm I should start teaching him how to curl my hair...
(Ting-ting-ting-ting-ting!!!) Brilliant idea!!!


FLATTERSHADES Must Try#5: Nars Isolde

I know I've been tattling about NARS eyeshadow duos ( I know, I know..), forgive me but I can't stop rambling over these fantabulous color mishmash. One of my personal fave as of the moment is from their fall collection, the Nars duo eye shadow in Isolde. With its shade described as Frosted ginger & shimmering copper, I can't help but think of a glam look on a hot sizzling summer night! Weird..this is suppose to be from their fall collection!? I still think these shades look hot for the summer! (anything orangey..yellowish...)

Check out my first attempt!


MAC charcoal for the eyebrows

Nars Isolde duo eyeshadow

B&C Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Blaxk


Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

MAC liquid concealer for my undereyes

MAC Sheer Loose powder

NARS Portifino


Bobbi Brown Rouge

MAC Hug Me

Keep on playing with colors and have fun!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

FLATTERSHADES Must Try#4: Nars' Sex, Sea & Sun

If you've been reading my'd probably know by now that I'm a certified MAC lover, I really didn't have the heart to try on other brands LOL! specially when it comes to eye shadows..I only want the best in my makeup kit and for me that means MAC...besides, it has all the shades I want...not until my last trip-- when I got frustrated in getting a NARS discount card at Faces HK (only to find out in the end that I can't even use it here har har!) I must admit though that I was into Nars bronzers and blush (who doesn't know how fabNars orgasm is...) but since I had those already I checked out their eye duo shadows...

The colors were indeed too tempting not to try !! the vibrancy of each shade is really eye catching..and when I tried it on, I can't believe how consistent the shade is..The color that you actually see from their palette is exactly the color that you're getting! (You've probably experienced seeing a fabulous shade of eyeshadow only to find out that it doesn't give you the exact color that you expect once you put it in y
ou lids...or worst, no matter how much amount you apply , it looked chalky, or just plain talc that doesn't deliver at all...) With Nars, even if you put a little amount, it already gives you the actual shade..and if you want a more vibrant effect, just simply apply a bit more than the usual. I hate to admit this..but I'm loving it more than my MAC babies.... :))

Next time you hit the counter, try checking this shade: NARS' Sex, Sea & Sun

NARS Sex, Sea & Sun
MAC Concrete

MAC Bitter
MAC Shroom (used at the brow bones))
Benefit Ms Popularity (to high lite the inner corner of the eyes)
B & C Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Black
Lo real Volume Mascara


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

YOU'RE INVITED! Before I Do 4th Edition Bridal Fair

Our team will be one of the exhibitors at VRC Creative Event's Before I Do 4th Edition: Weddings and Destinations. Avail of our free makeup trials and discounted rates to all soon to be brides!! Our booth is located at the left wing E6. See you there!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

WootWoot:Marie Clare's 10 Best Red Lippy

I may belong to the "old school" but I'd still vote for Madame Von Teese when it comes to hot red lips! Hats off to Angelina though for pulling off that bright red number! I'd definitely have that insured if I were her :))

Michelle Williams looked beautiful and young even in red..

while Nicole is Oozing with class.

1. Angleina Jolie 2. Cameon Diaz

3. Kate Moss 4. Nicole Kidman

5. Scarlet Johansson 6. Heidi Klum

7. Catherine Zeeta Jones 8. Kate Winslet

10. Dita Von Teese 9. Michelle Williams

hmm I think Heidi Klum looked older...

Kate Winslet looked...hmmm gayish..

What do you think?