Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally!!! the long wait is over.

Ok it ain't that over yet, but this time I'm 99.9% sure of plungin in!!! yay! I already made the registration and will soon be flying out to Singapore for further studies on ...whatelse---makeup!

Finally a full schedule was set by early next year and everything looks perfect on my calendar :)

I just need to save up save up save up! Since staying there for a week is no joke, believe me done the math recently and my head was spinnin' like crazy...

I know I can do this. I can never give up, not this time. I know when that itch strikes..there's no way but to scratch it like a sicko :)) with all passion and that is what I am doing...I am trying my best to pursue a thing which im so passionate about.

This time it going to be MAKEUP FOREVER ACADEMY. no more. no less.

Wish me luck :)


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Makeup By AnneVida celebrates with NARS 15th Anniversary

If you've been reading my posts, you'll know by now that I'm also hooked into NARS cosmetics..I believe in its quality despite the fact that is a bit expensive compared to other makeup products in the market, however, let me tell you this (and will keep on telling you over and over again..) that NARS products are worth every penny you spend. It simply delivers.

And being a fan , I will surely not miss this event. Me, together with my co-makeup artist from AnneVida will be attending the NARS 15th anniversary celebration which is to be held in HongKong.

A Roadshow will be given to its clients that will last for a few days, unfortunately we won't be able to attend the Roadshow since we can't stay that long..however, I was
able to reserve slots for the NARS stylist appearance day!!! wherein will get the chance to sit in and attend a short makeup talk by NARS chief artists from the US. This is making me soooo excited!!

In additione to these, NARS also released a special limited edition anniversary palettes!!

I can't wait to get a hold of these babiesssss.. :)

By the way, few people already asked me to get NARS orgasm for them....looks like orgasm is still in demand , its always out of stock here...those who want to grab one, just send me a message :) -

Ciao Bella!