Thursday, April 19, 2007

EXPOSED: Shooting for Living Asia Channel

Ever since I started with my makeup "adventure" everything turned out to be pretty exciting :) right after I finished my course at LCI, I was informed by Anne that we were being invited to guest for a TV show!! (say what?!!?!) yes a TV show, that is being aired in the US, I was told that it was going to be shown in a cable channel...I was quite hesitant at first, geezz am I ready for this?? hhuhh -hmmm, It's just going to be a simple chit-chat about okay I eventually said YES.

I was quite nervous about giving tips and on the spot demo, I felt that I still don't have the right to do this since we were fresh grads..but then it's an opportunity that I have to grab! so what the heck..I decided to go for it.

The director sent us an email to show us what the show is going to cover during our guesting. I was asked to do a makeup demo for a summer look while Anne was asked to do the natural-night makeup..aside from that , there will be an interview..with no script.

Little did I know that this "so-called-show" is the one being aired in Living Asia Channel, entitled
Kikay Machine...yes the one hosted by super model-- Rissa Samson...I had no idea until I arrived on the shooting day itself, and there I saw Ms. Rissa Samson doing her spills for the introductory of the show's summer special series. As expected I underwent an interview, the director just asked me a series of questions about summer makeup, and everything went smoothly,It just felt like you're talking to the camera, I only had up to take 2's :)) uuyyy au naturelle :)) Seriously, these are the kinds of activities that we had to go through during my college years in It's not really a new scenario to me.

I was asked to bring my own model and I asked my college friend -
EMEM to do just that. She was surprised that she didn't only serve as my model but she was asked to act as well!! Thank God, Em-em is known to be a good stage actress in our batch, everything turned out fine :)

Here are some pictures from the shoot:

During my Demo and my interview.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

MAC Demo/Workshop

Part of our curriculum in LIS is the MAC demo/workshop, I was lucky enough to be the model for that day :)

Thanks to our dear friend Mikee we all had fun!!..they did 3 different looks on me, wasn’t able to take pics of the other 2 though..Here are some pics ..

my classmate Mars and Anne