Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ANNEVIDA BRIDES: Ms. Mari Mecado - Juanengo

Meet the coolest bride ever!(yes some of them still exist hahahah)

Let me tell you one thing…if you happen to work with brides like moi…last thing that you want to encounter is a certified bridezilla..she won't only test your patience , she can also turn you into a nervous wreck in no time!

That's why I can't help but share with you this wonderful bride of mine - Ms. Marie.

Around 9:00am (ON HER WEDDING DAY ..that is!) , while lounging around Century Park's lobby..I saw this girl walking alongside the hotel's facade….looks like Ms. Marie..but what on earth is she doing outside looking like its just another ordinary day for her :)) She should be calling me at that very minute - telling me how oily her skin can get and that it should last until the event ends..and that she thinks pink eyeshadow should be better to match her pink bouquet blah blah blah--that sort of stuffs.

But no, there she goes with a cup of coffee( I think ? ) in her hand sipping like she has all the time in the world to stop and smell the roses :))

When she saw me waiting for her..she was quite surprised I was early, we went up to her room and even asked me if she could have her first smoke before we begin :)) and of course I said ok..and when I entered her room ..there was no one there but her wedding paraphernalias…and of course a body form with her fab wedding gown on...
I asked her..where are the others? "Oh its just me they'll arrive later when I'm done with the preparation" ..she said.

What? That is indeed sooo new to me :)) I always work with brides ..along with the whole entourage (as in FULL entourage) looking like there's a feast in the room or some sort of a family reunion, and before the bride could even leave for church she is already stressed out.

Now, what happens when you have a very cool bride to work with? Someone who entrust you with the whole beautification process..someone who doesn't have to harass you and teach you how to do things their way? …the result is---

a beautiful , stress-free looking bride all ready to do the most romantic walk of her life .

there she goes...with her pretty bouquet of orange tulips

Ms. Mari along with my makeups ! nice shot ei?

How about you? Are you a "bridezilla" in the making?
Have a stress-free Tuesday everyone!!

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