Saturday, October 18, 2008

FLATTERSHADES Must Try#6: MAC Sushi Flower

Last week I went shopping for my daughter's costume for her school's Halloween party....few weeks ago she wanted to be princess Aurora ("aka" sleeping beauty) few days after she changed her mind and decided to go for Tinkerbelle instead (fyi..Cait’s school won’t allow the kids to wear scary costumes..tsk! tsk! Bummer..heheh)

I know a lot of the girls will be running around with their wands and wings this year.. I wanted something more unique, should still be a fairy costume since that’s what my baby wants..but with a little twist maybe…
And then I found this super cute number: bright pink petals for head dress, baby pink and bright green for the dress, hot pink wig!! Pink wings with fur!! ….Caitee is set to be the FLOWER FAIRY!!

When I woke up the next day, I still had the flower fairy hangover.:)) I was fixing my makeup stacks that morning to make room for my other stash, when I saw my MAC Sushi Flower, which instantly reminded me of Cait’s head dress :) and this my friends is my version of the flower fairy...I had fun :) you just have to try it! Cait has this book of fairies and each fairy has a color motif, the book instantly inspired me to play with my palette :)

MAC Sushi Flower
MAC Surreal
MAC Frost
B&C liquid liner in deep black


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