Thursday, October 2, 2008

WootWoot:Marie Clare's 10 Best Red Lippy

I may belong to the "old school" but I'd still vote for Madame Von Teese when it comes to hot red lips! Hats off to Angelina though for pulling off that bright red number! I'd definitely have that insured if I were her :))

Michelle Williams looked beautiful and young even in red..

while Nicole is Oozing with class.

1. Angleina Jolie 2. Cameon Diaz

3. Kate Moss 4. Nicole Kidman

5. Scarlet Johansson 6. Heidi Klum

7. Catherine Zeeta Jones 8. Kate Winslet

10. Dita Von Teese 9. Michelle Williams

hmm I think Heidi Klum looked older...

Kate Winslet looked...hmmm gayish..

What do you think?


- aika - - said...

love angelina jolies lips :D

she can definitly pull red lipsticks

Vida Belle said...
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