Monday, April 14, 2008

EVENT: BRIDAL EXHIBIT, Megamall Megatrade Hall April 12 – 13, 2008.

that's Anne trying to figure out what to do..

VRC Creative Events, Before I Do 3rd Edition. Dream Weddings & Destinations
We had our very firs bridal exhibit sooo exciting! , I was quite hesitant at first because since it was our first we basically have no idea how our booth should look like, i did asked my sister in law to design a plan for us but then the space was too small inorder to implement the addition to that, the other makeup artist booths were intimidating......but then luckily we pulled it off and thought of some great ideas. Guess what? it was a success! number of people were always checking out our area since all of our sample works are posted on the walls, they didn't have to search through an album or through the internet because it was ll there posted before them!

This is our vanity, this is what I always bring to my bridal gigs.

The result? we had to give a lot of free makeup trials..I can't even remember how many! They were all lined up..well, it was an investment plus a wonderful experience so we didn't have any reason to complain PLUS PLUS PLUS we had quite a number of bookings made on the spot! lets just was quite enough to pay for the booth fee including the free trials that we gave :) nice.

That's anne having a frenchfries break!
Anne and I would like to say thank you to all of our friends who helped us in putting up our first exhibit :) Til next November!!!
Stay Beautiful!