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Beauty Bar: Get the Missy Lee look!

Think of a happy place....what's the first thing that comes into your mind? probably a room full of chocolates?your dream travel destination? a carnival perhaps? If you ask me, I'd say Beauty Bar is the one! Being a certified makeup junkie that I am, this place is usually my sweet escape :) and I'm sure other makeup enthusiasts can relate :)) I love the fact that they carry high quality brands that are good alternatives to overly expensive hi -end ones.I've been a fan ever since I started exploring the art of makeup that's why I was so excited when I found out that they launched the Get The Look contest, I just dig into my stash , brought it with me to work, since we had a prenuptial shoot that day and did my look while we were patiently waiting for the shoot to finish :) Good thing I just had a trip to Beauty Bar few days before that, perfect timing to use my newly bought goodies :D

My entry name is Ms. Missy Lee, the look was bohemian-gypsy inspired and while I was surfing through the net I learned that Missy Lee was a famous gypsy name then...perfect! I didn't want it to look too "costume-y", so instead of the usual gypsy eye makeup, I did a much wearable smokey hue,and made sure that the finish is dewy and glowing. Remember, smoldering eyes don't always require black. Brown or gray is good if you want a softer look. I wanted it to look young and fresh that's why I opted for a dewy finish, while I used soft hues and coral shades which, by the way - goes really well with our gorgeous Pinay skin tone!

Thank you Beauty Bar for choosing my piece amongst all the fabulous makeup look entries! Now let me share with you how you can achieve the same makeup style right in front of your own vanity mirror.



1. Face Primer or Moisturizer - Again, always start off with a clean, well-prepped canvass. If you want your makeup to last longer, start using a face primer or a moisturizer that suits your skin.

2. PALLADIO - (oil-free) Herbal Foundation - If you're fed up spending on really expensive tinted moisturizer ( I know, I am . I used to buy this hi-end brand of tinted moisturizer and the price is no joke!) Palladio's Herbal Foundation gives the same result! This is said to be a foundation, but it gives the same feeling of a tinted moisturizer. It doesn't give you the icky heavy feeling on your skin. Its lightweight, but has buildable coverage. It nourishes your skin, giving you a dewy healthy glow! Now if you have really oily skin, just make sure you keep an oil blotter with you, and you're good to go!

3. Natural Rice oil -absorbing Rice Powder - It is good as an oil absorbing highlighter and makeup setter. I've been buying this for my own personal use for three years now , this is a perfect alternative to expensive loose powders in the market today. It gives you the same good quality plus it doesn't clog your pores - its non-comedogenic!

4. Bloom Sheer Colour Cream Blush in Shy - I just love-love-love the shade of this blush,Im not a cream blush fan , but this one is perfect for my morena skin :) Its like Nars' orgasm (minus the shimmer) and it smells really good!!


1. Prestige Brow Perfection Total Shaping Studio - its hard to look for a brow shader that actually delivers, I'm glad I found this at Beauty BaR because it works! For a more subtle and natural effect, instead of using an eyebrow pencil try using an eyebrow angled brush with Prestige Brow Perfection palette.

2. Prestige Brow Perfection Brow Building System - If you have eyelash mascara, you should also have this for taming those stubbron eyebrows.

3. Bloom Eye Shadow in Slate - I love using gray instead of black when doing my smokey eye and Slate gives me the perfect amount of gray!

4. Prestige Eyeliner in E 14 Charcoal - Finally!! a much affordable eyeliner that doesn't wear off easily, and most of all....its the perfect shade of gray :)

5. Smashbox Bionic Mascara - it served its purpose :))


1. Sara Happ Lip Scrub - Need I say more? read more about this fantabulous product from my past post --

2. Prestige Lip Color in Constant Coral - I am loving coral these days and this gives me the perfect pout!

3. Bloom Lip Gloss in Seashell - use it on top of any lip color and it always look good on my lips.

Before anything else, let me introduce you to my pretty little helpers . These are the basic tools I depend on when it comes to proper makeup application.

1. Stippling Brush - If you want a fast, flawless foundation application, this is the one. It was said that this brush was created to give the same effect of an airbrush, oh well - airbrush is airbrush but I'm pretty much satisfied with what my stippling brush can do! It does wonders :) If you want a foundation with smooth even finish - looking almost next to your skin? start using a stippling brush!There's a proper way on how to use it so start familiarizing yourself with it!
2. Applicator brush and Blending brush
3. Angled Brush for the eyebrows
4. Blush Brush (which could also double as your powder blush if you have limited number of brushes)


1. Make sure that you cleanse your face, use a toner if necessary , put on your face primer or moisturizer

2. Leave it for a few minutes then apply your Palladio Herbal Foundation using a stippling brush. Make sure that you have an even application.

3. Let it sit for a while and then apply Bloom cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. You can use your stippling brush for application or carefully smudge enough amount of the blush against your cheeks using your finger tips.

4. Using a powder brush or a puff, simply brush the Natural Rice powder all over the face to set your makeup. Be sure to deposit just the right amount of powder. The use of powder brush will give you a more natural finish.

5.Groom your eyebrows - snip before you shave or pluck. Its the same way as how we treat our tresses, if it gets long, you have to cut it. Remember to GO SLOW. Draw them first if you have to , but pluck one hair at at time and make sure you take a step back to see if you are doing well.

6. Define your eyebrows - Apply the Prestige Brow Perfection total shaping studio using your angled brush. Practice defining your eyebrows by using the angled brush for a more natural effect.

7. Using an applicator brush, apply the Bloom eyeshadow in slate to your lower lids up to the crease, follow the contour of your eye and blend going to the direction of the brows ,careful not to reach the part of the brow bone area since this will give you a messy eye makeup. If you want to deepen the crease in the outer corner of your eye, blend in a darker shade of eyeshadow. when blending be careful not to totally diffuse the color, just use the right amount of pressure, and make sure that there are no visible harsh lines. For highlight, I used Benefit's Hi Brow pencil, just apply to the inner corner of the eye and brow bone, then blend using a brush or your finger tips.

8. Apply Prestige Charcoal eyeliner to lower and upper lash line, then smudge it gently by using a q-tip if you don't have a smudger tip. This creates a smokey effect instantly. However, do not smudge too much as that will just wipe the eyeliner off completely.

9. Apply lip moisturizer, let it set for a minute or two. Smooth on Prestige Lip Color in Constant Coral and top with Bloom Lip Gloss in Seashell.

10. Curl your lashes then coat it with Smashbox Bionic mascara- both upper and lower lashes.

11. Set brows using Prestige Brow Perfection Brow Building System.

Now just add some hippie accessories and match it with a maxi quilted dress, and the Boho Chic is ready to hit the scene! hope you had fun creating the look as much as I did :)


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