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One thing I can’t stand having are dry rough hands. Besides the fact that it’s a total turn off to your man who can’t keep his hands from holding yours, don’t you just love the feeling of having supple smooth hands? I even used to spend time for a paraffin wax session at Relaksasi just to give my hands a treat! (imagine a chocolate -smelling- super- soft- hands after! go check it out at Relaksasi). Some people say that possessing rough hands only show how hardworking a person is. Oh well, spare me. I got two jobs, besides being a mother and a wife. Still, I refuse to have coarse palms.

Hands exposed to heat, cold dirt and harsh detergents can get rough and dry. Let me share with you my top picks for the best hand creams that are available in the market today which can help you keep your hands beautiful , soft and smooth!

Top 5: Marks & Spencer Almond Hand Cream

Why I'm loving it:

  • It easily nourishes and softens your hands in an instant, its main ingredient is sweet almond oil. Almond oil has traditionally been used to soften skin due to its excellent properties as a skin moisturizer.
  • The scent of Almond is too sweet to resist!

Damage: approximately Php 270-300 for 75ml, available at Marks & Spencer.

Top 4: Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand

and Body Cream

Why I'm loving it:

  • The texture of it feels really good to the skin, the richness and thickness of it gives you soft hands that could last throughout the day.
  • I just love the mysterious and addicting scent of it, makes you want to sniff on your skin all the time :))
  • It can be used not only for your hands but for the whole body as well , You know you got one great loot when it gives you more than what you paid for right?

Damage: mine was given by my sister in law, you can check with your favorite PX stores to get a good price.

Top 3: Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Crème

Why I'm loving it:

  • If you’ve got seriously coarse hands, this is the product for you. This super emollient almond cream could easily penetrate through that stubborn dry skin.
  • Burt’s Bees is known for its beauty products to be 100% all natural.
  • It can also be used for the common dry areas of your body : elbows, knees and feet…sweet!

Damage: approximately Php 500 for 57g, available at Beauty Bar.

Top 2: SHIKAI Borage Dry Skin Therapy lotion

Why I'm loving it: I accidentally bought this product when I was buying my jar of Sara Happ lip scrub at Beauty Bar. I'm obsessed with hand creams and these tubes are situated right beside the cashier was a tempting site to see :) The packaging looked gave me the impression that it means business, the business to give me the softest hands that is!

  • Don't under estimate the power of this tiny tube because a pea size of this cream can instantly give you iressitably softer and smoother hands! my daughter can't even help but notice it and insisted that she use it as well (she's 7 by the way, but why do I have this feeling that she's had enough of Aveeno already? :)) )
  • It's very effective, its all natural and it uses "borage oil". It is said that borage oil naturally and effectively helps moisturize dry cracked skin and it was clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of chronic skin problems. I was also able to read that this product is often recommended by dermatologists.
  • To those who are not into scented creams, this one's for you.
Damage: I really can't remember how much I paid for a tube. If I'm not mistaken it was around Php 350.00 for a small , 29ml tube. Quite pricey but definitely worth every penny.

Top 1: Crabtree & Evelyn: Lasource Hand Therapy

Why I'm loving it:

  • I only have one thing to say about this product. If you want to experience unbelievably soft hands – this is the one.
  • I love the simplicity and subtleness of its scent, the pure softness and suppleness that it gives me , I felt like having a baby’s hands!
Damage: I got mine from HK and it costs around Php 900-1,000 for a small tube then. I’m not sure how much is it here in CT&E Manila. I better warn you though , La Source Hand Therapy easily runs out of stock, so if ever you spot one, go grab it quick! Available at Crab Tree & Eveleyn Shops.

That's it! Now there's no reason for you not to have hands that are "holding-hand-worthy" I know there are other great hand creams in the market today, Nivea Hand cream is also good. What I listed here are just some of the products that I experienced using and actually worked for me.

If you happen to know one product that you can strongly recommend that was not included here, please feel free to share the good news with us.


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