Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Love Those Lips.

Sexy, full, plumply, thin , supple or kissable – It doesn’t matter as long as its not chapped, dry , flaky, pale and unhealthy.
A beautiful smile lights up a day , it does makes your face look more beautiful and lively, it is said that the lips are the most important and sensitive part of your body , mainly the reason why you have to take care of it. How many of us are aware that the lips, unlike most part of our body – do not have any melanin pigment to protect them? Lips are just covered on the outside by a thin layer of skin and on the inside, by thin mucous membranes-- that’s what you get from reading too much health & beauty articles :)
Obviously, not all of us are gifted with that pinkish lustrous supple lips (guilty here!!) but that doesn’t mean we have to take it for granted, some lips are naturally darker than the others. There are smokers whose got naturally nice lip color and there are non-smokers who looks like they’ve been smoking since 12 (ooops!) They say it sometimes depends on our diet. I’m not sure how true these tips are, but there’s no harm in trying:
1. For Dark Lips – Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, stop smoking , avoid wearing lipstick - use balms or lip conditioner instead. You can also try to apply a layer of oil and leave it on for several hours.
2. For Chapped lips – Apply heavy moisturizing lip conditioner. They say petroleum jelly can be helpful as well and lastly, drink plenty of H2O, dehydration can cause dryness.
3. Exfoliate lips – Now this is my favorite part, I could only get rid of dry chapped lips once I exfoliate. No amount of lip gloss or any lip balm could do the trick if I skip this part. And I have one great product to share with you guys!
I have seriously dry chapped lips and I love biting off its dry skin. It’s a bad habit I can’t get rid off. I sometimes conceal it with lipstick which obviously makes it even worst. I used to have only one product for lip care and that’s Kiehl’s moisturizing lip balm. Don’t get me wrong Kiehl is a really good brand, it does softens the lips but the excessive dryness of it can sometimes be unmanageable-- not until one day I came across this product at Beauty Bar.
I noticed this cute little containers that goes with this nice packaging, but what caught my attention was the product's tag line:
“Wonder How You Ever Lived Without It”
Hmmm quite promising! Something that I just can’t ignore, and guess what? it smelled (and tasted) delicious too! Its called:
The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ in Vanila Bean.

Totally awesome! chapped lips are gone, and it also helps improve its natural color, leaving your lips looking healthier.

Here's my own jar of the The Lip Scrub
As per direction, all you have to do is just massage a generous amount onto your lips using a firm circular motion. Wipe away with a tissue, and voila! As their website described it --- say hello to a “ ridiculously soft and supple” lips!
Damage though is….around Php1,500 per container (please double check at Beauty Bar I forgot the exact price but I’m 100% sure its not less than a thousand bucks) Quite pricey but its worth every penny and you will use it for a long time – 30ml full of light and dark brown -great smelling sugar crystals!
As much as I refuse to show you my lips in its ugliest state hahaha! Below is a picture of my lips without exfoliating for almost a week. ( Shown without any lip product on.)

and of course, a picture of my lips after exfoliating with The Lip Scrub, not perfect but looks much much better than the picture above. ( Shown without any lip conditioner, lip balm or lip color on. )

After exfoliating, top it with a lip conditioner then put on your favorite lip color ( On my lips - Maybelline's Iced Caramel & Nars' lip gloss in Turkish Delight) and you’re good to go.

It’s effective. You get what you paid for. Now all you have to do is pucker that lips and get ready to be kissed!!



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