Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HK Strollin', Rollin', Haulin'

What a way to recharge!!! If you are reading this you are probably a makeup adictus like me :) So I know - You know - what I mean :) I still got the blues :))<---(That's me at the Venetian, Macau -can't wait to put my latest buys into test!)


1. NARS. Fab Fall Collection (CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE) . NARS there is wayyy cheaper...hmmm I got carried away though :)) I was able to get a VIP card :)) The catch ? --> can't use it here in MANILA heheh..however, its transferable :) so my friend who resides in HK can use it n my behalf :) weee!

2. SASA - For makeup lovers like me SASA is simply..heaven on earth :))...I was able to buy eye palettes , cream shadows & blushes at less than 20HKD which are of very good quality..I was able to try it with their testers.

3. MAC PRO - Although I wasn't able to submit my application for a PRO CARD (due to our hectic schedule..and super tired na after our MACAU overnight..) still I was able to buy some stuffs that I've been wanting to get from this store...Got some shadows to complete my MAC palette and scored some brushes because again...its way way cheaper there compared here. One thing I noticed though, the artists from MAC PRO in Elements are a bit stiff :)) I've been comparing them to our artists here in MAC Glorieta who are so accommodating and friendly ...artists from MAC PRO are a bit...serious :)) if that's what you call it ..

4. FACES & LANE CRAWFORD - Makeup Lovers will go gaga over this BEAUTY area. FACES & Lane Crawford carry all the famous makeup brands complete with makeover counters. I was looking for Urban Decay though and I was told that its store is located in Causeway Bay. I was so desperate to get their 'famous' 24/7 eyeliners too bad..had to settle for makeup 4ever's Aqua eyes which I heard is equally good. (As per my research URBAN DECAY & MAKEUP 4EVER carries the best eyeliner amongst all eyeliners including the expensive YSL, DIOR, CHANEL etc...)

5. Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer - I was convinced by Sephora to grab one for my own use..and I'm loving it..its quite expensive though, for a "not-so-big" tube it costs HKD 300++..hmm I wonder how much is it here?

6. FACE MISTS/MAKEUP FIXERS - Since I'm so undecided what to get for my special clients I just need a reliable mist/fix that will set my bride's makeup perfectly :) I got 1 from SHU (the Deep Sea Mist) 1 from MAkeu4ever (MAkeup FIX ) and 1 from MAC (Charged Water Skin Hydrating MIST - this one, I was told by the artist at MAC PRO that this suits oily skin..) Will post review on these soon! The Rosemary scent of Shu's Deep Sea Mist though is heavenly..I had to keep it for my own use :)

7. SHU UEMURA LANE CRAWFORD, IFC - Here I was able to play with Shu products :) the artist is too busy doing the makeup of the other client that's why she let me do a makeover for my friend wow ang saya :)) good thing I brought my own brushes :))

At Lane Crawford IFC - makeover session and one of my serious MAC moments :)) need to replenish my supply for my brides specially now that December is fast approaching its the month of weddings!

Now do you believe me when I say I love painting faces :) I'm willing to do it anywhere..even with a poor lighting :))

this was in some bar inside the Venetian while waiting for our room hahah! I'm putting makeup on my super girlyboyfriend --Wai Hung Law aka IONA from Hongkong :) Want to see the AFTER pics? See at the bottom of this post. :)
8. Shu UEMURA Mini Eyelash Curler - I've been wanting to buy one, just don't know where to get it here in Manila..saw my mentor - Mayone Bankunawa using this and she advised me to get one since it is very useful and effective specially to those who have thin -short-straight lashes.
Okay these are just a preview of what I am about to try using in the next few days..will post a more..hmmm sensible and informative piece(HAHAHAH) about these products soon :)

Welcome home babies!! Isn't this the coolest evian you've ever seen?! got thi from SASA for 40HKD.'s Iona, after that makeup session at the bar --plus some minor touchups once we checked in...Isn't she a babe or what??


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