Saturday, September 20, 2008

My New Cute Babies

Isn't these adorable! Scored these from SASA during my HK vacay got the big brush for HK95.00 that would be around Php522.50...the small foundation brush got it for HK85.00 or Php467.00..ITS SUCH a good buy mind you it can compete with my MAC set..PLUS how can you resist that colorrrrrr my fave Lilac- pink! THis is the cutest brush I've ever seen..the big brush blush is made from a real goat's hair...the foundation brush is the same texture as MAC's 190 believe it or not, though this one is a bit smaller in terms of the width of the brush itself compared to 190.These also has long handles which I prefer to use at work. I tried using these myself and its really soft as MAC's. I had to make a comparison before I use these to my clients, because I know there are brushes out there that when you touch it seems so soft, but when you use it to your face it can be really harsh to your skin...Obviously I'm a MAC fan that's why I prefer to use MAC brushes, and I had really nice stories to tell about their brush -- I was doing a makeup gig for the launching of Dingdong Dantes' as the new Belo endorser, I was asked to do the makeups of all belo employees who will serve as usherettes for the event..they all had one thing to say, that my brushes are so soft, my hand seem so light when applying makeup it made them want to take a nap :)) One actually did! :)) She was telling me "ate ang lambot ng brushes mo parang sarap pang paantok when you brush it on my face " then suddenly I had to support her chin because she was actually falling off to sleep!

Hongkong's Faces and Lane Crawford are haven to us makeup lovers :( How I wish we have those in Manila...ofcourse I had to consider the fact that all high end cosmetic brands in HK are sold 30-40% cheaper compared here! and if you're lucky enough to encounter a promo you can buy stuffs 50% off from what we are getting here! Shu are almost half the price!, Got a makeup fix from MAkeup forever for only HKD124.00!!! Shu's Deep Sea Mist got it for only HKD150!! not to mention that they have low end brands that are of good quality --believe me, had to try it for myself the numerous collection of eyeshadow palettes in Sasa are so cheap but does its job well! Scored a cream blush for HKD 12, A cream eyeshadow for HKD12.. Will post my recent hauls from HK soon! The other thing that I noticed in HK, almost all of the women are so eager to have their makeups done ..I haven't seen a vacant makeup counter..all of the counters are filled with makeover sessions...ang SAYA!!! unlike here, when ladies are often shy to have a makeover done in public hahahaha! Oh, by the way the MAC's Cult of CHerry in HK is SOLD OUT..hay :( wanted to get their nail lacquer...but even that was sold out already :( the ladies there always hit the counters --FAST--once a new collection comes out!Anyways, got NARS' fall collection I'm satisfied with that...and I got my NARS VIP card weeeeee! hahah one time big time you could just imagine how I lost my sanity seeing all the makeup brands that I love in one my pocket is under rehabilitation ..:)Will tell you more about my shop-crazy adventure soon.

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