Monday, September 26, 2011

PROJECT: Shop For A Cause

10 Years ago, I was the girl with no plans. I work to earn. I earn to live. Setting goals was never my priority I was just going with the flow. I grabbed the first job that landed on my hands, without thinking if it interests me or not, all I knew was that I graduated from college and the next sensible thing to do is to have a job.

What are these for? Why am I here? And what am I to others? These are just some of the unanswered questions that keep popping in my head which I refuse to deal with.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting special friends who encouraged and helped me to go for what I truly love doing was probably one of the biggest blessing that God has given me. Starting a new career wasn’t that easy for me I had to learn and go through the process but as the saying goes, believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. It’s never too late for anything that your heart desire.

And now, here I am again. But this time, I have dreams, I have plans, I have goals and I’m slowly getting there with a happy heart. Why with a happy heart? The moment I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. That’s when I realized that a blessing is not about what you receive or what you get in return after doing a hard work. It’s all about what you are willing to give, it’s all about being in the position or being able to give and most importantly having a heart that’s capable of giving – that for me is what you call a blessing.

Last May, Makeup by AnneVida celebrated its 4th year anniversary with the orphans of Little Angels Home Inc. It’s our simple way of sending our heartfelt gratitude to the Lord for giving us 4 successful years in the business.

I was lucky enough that my business partner – Anne and I share the same ideals when it comes to these things so we decided to do this on a regular basis.

What made it even special was that we were able to encourage our past clients and friends to share their blessing to these kids as well by raffling off a Beauty Makeover to few chosen donors, we conducted a raffle contest :

A Beauty Treat for A Beautiful Heart.

Our studio was filled with toys, clothes and books. It was a huge success.

Just this month, I celebrated my birthday and made it more meaningful by launching my Shop for A Cause Project. I gathered all my personal stuffs both used and new ones and sold it to my close friends. 100% of what I earned from it was used to buy grocery items and food for the kids of Little Angels Home Inc. Again, it was a success. We were overfilled with joy because these kids were really grateful for having us around to support them in our own little way. I thank each and every one of my friends who participated, even for a single item- every donation counts for these children. They say that the smallest good deeds are worth a thousand grand intentions.

My Shop for A Cause Project is still up, I decided to maintain it so I can continuously support these kids, at the same time this will give my friends and other people a chance to share their blessings despite of their busy schedule. Again, 100% of the earnings from my personal items will automatically benefit the Little Angels Home Inc.

Moving forward, I am also opening my shop to my friends who wanted to sell their items as well, once you choose to buy their stuff, 10% of it will automatically benefit the Kids of LAHI or to any charity organization that we wish to help in our next project. As of now, we are set to celebrate Christmas with the kids of LAHI this coming December.

For those who are interested to view my online shop, you can send me a message through In the future, I will also post a Shop for A Cause entry on a regular basis here in my blog site.

Thank you very much for all your support.


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