Friday, August 15, 2008

Smokin' Hot..Why Not?!

I sooo love the smokey look...I always have this thing for smokey eyes. I remember the days where I would literally beg for my friends to let me do a smokey eyes on them..I was a laughing stock believe me ..I always end up giving them that panda messy look. It was a disaster. I was frustrated.

When I started learning makeup from a pro, I eventually discovered tricks and tips that helped me have my own style of applying makeup..that of course includes the smokey look. As the saying goes practice makes perfect and finally I was able to do it! Now my friends are the ones looking for me to have their makeups done har har har! :))

One thing that you should always keep in mind in achieving this look is to ALWAYS keep it clean. That's the number 1 rule to avoid the so -called "panda look" Be sure to use the right concealer to cover up your under eye circles..otherwise, don't go for it.

When wearing smokey eyes, I want mine I usually use gray shadow instead of jet black. <----that's me using MAC Print eyeshadow and MAC Frost for hi lite.

With these simple step by step're on your way to a Smokin Hot Look!

1. If you want the daring smokey look on you, use a black eyeshadow (like MAC eyeshadow in CARBON) Apply the shadow from your lash line until just below the brow bone (REMEMBER until JUST BELOW THE BROW BONE ONLY..or else, it will look messy!). I advise you do this gradually. Blend away any harsh lines. If my no.1 rule is to keep it to that would be to BLEND BLEND BLEND away!! no matter how much amount of shadow you apply, always blend away harsh edges. If you're able to do this, you can never go wrong :)

Tip: Before applying the black eyecolor, pat some loose powder in the under eye area. Just dump a small amount and let it stay there while applying your eye color. This will trap the excess black pigments that may fall from your eyelids why you re in the process of applying ...thus it will be easier for you to clean the under eye area afterwards by brushing off the loose powder. (remember..KEEP IT CLEAN.)

2. Use a black pencil or eyeshadow ( I love using MAC Khol or Makeup Forever eyeliner in BLACK) and line your upper and lower lashlines. You can smudge it with a cotton swab or sponge tip afterwards to give it a softer -well blended effect. Remember, a smokey look isn't complete without eyeliner!

3. Sweep on a layer of two of waterproof mascara. Like Shu Uemura Precise Mascara to pump up lash volume.

4. Hi lite your brow bone. This will polish your work. PLUS it will definitely enhance your eyes. Try using MAC rice paper or MAC frost. Just apply enough amount in the brown bone and BLEND BLEND sure that the black shadow and the hi liter meets perfectly by blending it.

For the cheeks, I usually use lighter shade for this look, same with the lip color so that your eyes remain to be the center of attraction. I like MAC Blush in Mocha Matte & MAC lip color in Hug Me. It actually depends on you, As you practice doing different looks you will discover your own style.

The possibilities are endless!!! Your creativity can run as far as you can imagine! If you can master the basic black smokey eye. You can definitely try other colors. For day to day look you can use shades of brown, then brush a bronzer on the apples of your cheeks, a bit on your nose and forehead..although this look is perfect for the dusky , even the fair skinned can wear it!! HOW? by using a foundation one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

How about using a green smokey look?

If you have the right shade of green...why not?? When using bold colors..the key is to keep it subtle and simple. Unless you're planning to model for a hi-fashion magazine. That's it! I hope i was able to be of help :)

If you have questions or comments you may reach me through my ym or email.

Enjoy everyone!!

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