Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Everyday Look

Whether you're a morena, a mestiza, or a chinita, there will always be a right makeup prescription for you. Dig in to your stash ..experiment and discover the best everyday look for you that's easy to achieve. Yes there are days I feel like wearing some bold colors just to boost my mood...but oftentimes I opt for the natural look, that's why I stick to earthtones...may sound boring to others but believe me, with a few tricks this will look far from being "boring" Don't you just love it when your makeup gives you that "natural glow"? A good makeup leaves you looking pretty without looking so well made up. Ofcourse its always a PLUS as in PLUS to have a very good skin to start with.. So always have a skincare regimen and never take it forgranted (CLEANSE, EXOLIATE, TONE & MOISTURIZE) Now let me share with you my secret to natural glowing look:)

  • Some Kind-a Gorgeous - The foundation faker by BENEFIT - One word--- > MAGIC! This works wonders! want to have that satin soft finish skin without looking like you had a foundation on? This is the one.. PLUS it feels so light to the skin! Try it for yourself!

  • DANDELION brightening face powder by BENEFIT - This is simply the best in giving your face that healthy glow! By using a big fluffy brush, dust it allover your face right after putting on the Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker..The result is simply...refreshing! oh..its smells great too!!
  • NARS LAguna OR GEORGIA Face powder by BENEFIT - Choose among these gorgeous product and use as blush...everybody knows about the famous NARS laguna ! if you haven't ..well its about time
  • MS. POPULARITY by BENEFIT- I ALWAYS use this to my brides..if you want that instant glow without looking like a disco ball this is definitely the one! This is so far one of my best beauty find! I simply can't leave home without this..Dot a small amount in the cheeks, forehead, chin and blend with your fingers. You can also try dotting a small amount in the corner of the eyes and blend to give it an instant pop! Its easy as 1 2 3! This prod definitely stood by its name! LUV IT!
  • LIPS - Bobby Brown in Rouge is a good color to go natural or...(this is what i used in the pictures posted here..)
  • BENETINT by BENEFIT - Need I say more? who doesn't know about this amazing product?by the way, You can also use this as a blush, nothing is more natural looking than the effect of Benetint.
    Lip glass - my MAC lip glass works really well when I apply it over BENETINT

  • EYES - What I normally use is MAC charcoal eyeshadow , just wash entire lid with the color instead of trying to contour lids..again just blend blend blend. I usually skip the eyeliner but ofcourse its up to you. Just stick to the brown liner for a softer look.
  • MASCARA - Clear mascara will do..or just a thin coat of mascara is enough to give your eyes some umph!Don't forget to curl your lashes!

That's it! How about you? What's your everyday look??

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