Monday, September 8, 2008

What I'm Loving Right Now..

Few weeks from now..I'll be turning 30..awwww! and I decided to give myself a special treat! After I celebrate my birthday with my family..I'm giving myself a break!! I am flying to HK for some needed R&R yey!!! I'll be going with my business partner con bestfriend Anette..we'll be meeting our super best gay friend Iona..(its her bday as well ) so....this only means one thing..and forgive me but I only get to do this once a year...ok this time make it 3 times since ill be staying there for 3 nights hahaha..its what I call the Ultimate GIRLS' NIGHTOUT!!!
Now if I could only limit myself into bringing 2 pairs of shoes I'll be fine...and ofcourse my make up ....that would be a MAJOR decision..please I'm calling all the angels on earth to help me decide to bring just one tiny winy make up kit :( Don't let me bring the whole traincase as much as I want to :D:D:D see I love doing my friends' makeup whenever I get the chance...and this will be a good time for them to take advanage since im doing it for free hehehe..but then Annette will surely go balistic if she sees me pulling along my traincase :))
Ok lets go back to the topic of this post :))..I found a good reason not to bring my bulky heavy traincase... Its inexpensive and Fab at the same time ..who could resist such combo!?!?!?
Presenting my latest new love :)) my savior :)) Since its too cute I will have to choose this over my traincase....Its a small vanity travelling bag ...Got this from Kamiseta for only Php1,199.00!!! Not bad huh? I love anything cute and this one is definitely in my top list!

now obviously...I just need to bring those that I REALY NEED. Hmmm now why am I hearing myself humming to the tune of...first i was afraid ...I was petrified...hahahha!
Ok, let me justify my behavior--you see my first malet (filled with MAKEUP ofcourse!!!) was stolen when our house was burglarized early this year..I think I'm just undergoing some kind of trauma hahahah!
How about you? What are the things that you can't travel without?

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